Asteria Métallique Sling & Accessory


Asteria Métallique Sling & Accessory

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  • Description

    Inspired by iconic women in the French military, Asteria Métallique Sling and Shoulder Accessory is part of our Asteria Prêt collection.

    Asteria Métallique Sling and Shoulder Accessory is a sparkling shoulder strap with a detachable accessory that adds dazzle to your evening ensemble much like an elegant Epaulette.

    Compatible Products

    Asteria Handbag is a chic handheld with 6 six sleek arrows that snap on the front of the bag. Asteria Métallique Sling and Shoulder Accessory can be swapped with the top handle of the bag to convert from a handheld to a shoulder bag or crossbody.

    Explore the Asteria Prêt collection to see all the gorgeous Asteria products!

    Ways to Wear

    Teamed with Asteria Handbag, Asteria Métallique Sling and Shoulder Accessory can be styled as a crossbody or a shoulder strap with endless possibilities to showcase the Epaulette style ornament.

  • Delivery
    Built to Your Order

    Asteria Métallique Sling & Accessory is built to your order. Your accessory is meticulously handcrafted to high quality and environmentally conscious standards. Please expect a development and shipping lead time of 1-5 weeks for your one-of-a-kind Vertara accessory. And we assure you that the wait for your Vertara will be worth it!

    Sustainably Yours

    By designing something which is intrinsically yours, our customized luxury bags minimize waste – as we hold almost no inventory: stock or unsold products. Our bags are packed in a complimentary 100% linen storage bag which doubles as a string backpack. Carry your Purpose with your ethical and equitable Vertara label.

    Return if you are not Satisfied

    If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your customized Vertara bag, you can return it within 15 days: no questions asked! Our only request is to reuse the recyclable packing material in which the bag was originally shipped.