Vertara leather


Vertara Bag Exteriors

Our exceptional luxury handbags are made with the finest ingredients.

We use 100% top grain leathers for all our accessories. Our goal is to source and curate the most premium leathers in artistic colors and textures, so you find a combination that expresses your style. Our luxury leathers look and feel good; and are durable with just a little care and love!

Want to touch and feel luxury leathercraft? Request our stylist for up to six swatches for free by using the contact us form. Just mention the names of the leather swatches from the list below, your contact information and your favorite Vertara handbag(s). We will ship swatches of top grain leather within a week !

Grain Leathers (Vitello, Milled, Pebbled, Textured metallics)

These are our most popular leathers! Grain leathers are tumbled at the tannery and rotated in the absence of air and heat. This enhances the natural fine lines of the leather. Flexible and durable, these leathers are a versatile choice with a distinctive grain and texture.

  • Pebbled Grain in Vanilla

  • Soft Grain Vitello in Tangerine

  • Soft Grain Vitello in Beige

  • Soft Grain Vitello in Metallic Smoke

  • Shimmering Suede in Carbon sparkle

  • Soft Grain Vitello in Tarnished Copper

  • Fine Grain Milled in Plum

  • Soft Grain Vitello in Cobalt

  • Textured metallic in Light Gold

  • Textured metallic in Light Silver

Smooth Finish Leathers (Cow Nappa and Sheep Nappa)

We use Cow Nappa leathers across many bags. This is a smooth finish aniline leather. It has a soft but supple form. It is durable and breathable. We selectively use Sheep Nappa which is an incredibly soft and silky leather with a smooth finish. It has a delicate feel and a beautiful drape.

  • Smooth Nappa in Onyx

  • Smooth Nappa in Stone Grey

  • Smooth Nappa in Hot Chilli Red

Embossed Exotic Leathers (Crocodile, Ostrich, Fish-Scale etc.)

A classic pattern is applied to the surface of the finished calf leather to create chic designs like “baby croc”, “crocodile”, “fish-scale”, “floral”, or the high fashion ultimate “ostrich”! Each embossed leather fuses one or more color tones and patterns to produce fabulous results!

  • Embossed Floral in Noir

  • Embossed Embossed Ostrich in Pecan

  • Embossed Croc in Fuchsia

  • Embossed Croc in Turquoise

  • Embossed Croc in Navy

  • Embossed Croc in Espresso

  • Embossed Croc in Ruby

  • Embossed Croc in Charcoal

  • Embossed Fishscale in Ebony

Vertara Bag Interiors

We bond smooth and durable cow leather on the inside walls of your bags to ensure some of the large bags are structured and strong, yet lightweight. In this technique we reduce the use of heavier reinforcement materials. Luxurious leather linings also keep the bag interiors stain and spill resistant.

Our other interior finish is soft and fine 100% cotton drill lining. We do not use synthetics or polyesters.

Vertara wallets, handbags, and accessories are sleek but spacious. Thoughtful interiors ensure all your essentials stay effortlessly organized and accessible. You can find your keys and protect your devices!

Vertara Bag Fittings and Trims

All our fittings are in an elegant light gold tone. These are nickel and chromium free. Many of our fittings are custom designed to ensure perfect form, function and fit.

Frequently our bags are designed with soft leather protecting the handles and high-touch areas of our fittings. This ensures good grip and minimizes the potential for scratches.

Our trims are always made in the same premium leather that we use in our bag exteriors or interiors.

Finally, each handcrafted bag is meticulously finished by a slow and patient application of edge paint, by our skilled artisan team.

Vertara bags are sustainable luxury

Vertara bags are made of 100% top-grain leather. Genuine Leather is more sustainable than “vegan leather”. “Vegan leather” or “faux leather” or “pleather ” undergo different types of chemical processes involving plasticizers which could be both toxic and derived from fossil fuels.

Our luxury accessories are packed and shipped in eco-conscious linen bags, which can be used for storage or even as a quick string backpack.

Further, every Vertara bag is designed to meets the many needs of modern women: fabulous fashion that is fully functional, and amazingly versatile. Our fashion philosophy: buy less, choose well, and make it last!

A Vertara bag is built and customized to your order. Our majority women artisans create an exquisite handbag especially for you. By designing something which is intrinsically yours, our customized luxury business model eliminates waste, as we hold minimal inventory: stock or unsold products.

We hope you feel as happy in buying and using a Vertara bag as we feel in making one ! Our endeavor is true sustainability: ethical business, environment friendly choices and equitable supply chain.

Caring for your Vertara Bag

  • Never STORE in a plastic bag. Use the storage bag that comes with your Vertara bag, or some type of BREATHABLE fabric. Stuff an infrequently used bag with tissue or paper to hold the bag’s shape​

  • If the bag is getting too DRY or cracking up, gently rub a leather conditioner into the leather once every quarter.

  • If the bag gets DIRTY, only use a damp cloth, and give it a wipe down. Avoid adding soap or chemicals to the water.

  • If the bag gets WET, dry it naturally and slowly at room temperature. Avoid speed drying with a heater or hair dryer.