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Fashion Your Style: Customize Effortlessly

At Vertara, we create fashion that is forever fantastic and more than a disposable trend. Our creations open infinite possibilities for you to pick your style, express your individuality, and carry your purpose. Curate your own collection with our range of bags, shoulder straps, interchangeable pockets, wallets and more, in a wide palette of colors and textures. Each Vertara bag is your unique creation. Do more. Be You.

Authentic is Brilliant - Vertara is born

authentic is brilliant

Born in Silicon Valley, the international hub of innovation, Vertara is surrounded by the cool and the crazy. We see women struggling to carry their packed lives in a purposeful manner; frustrated by stuffy brands which may lack sensibility. We resonate with your quirks, qualms, challenges and, most of all their your aspirations. We see a wonderful mix: short on time, big on purpose, lots to do - while chasing stars! You are the inspiration for "Vertara" - the glorious cross between ‘Ver’, the latin root for true and ‘Tara’, the Vedic Astral Goddess with infinite strength and tenacity. Put together we have Vertara or "True Star"

Power Voice and Choice

We set out to search for business partners who had the combination of art, heart and science in their DNA to match the mission of our brand - power, voice and choice. We kept looking until we bumped into the right people. At the Milan Fashion Week, standing shy behind the panorama of brilliant leathers was a company that reflected our values and personality - a synthesis of art and science, exclusivity, quality and transparency, in a majority women workplace. Our founder was soon on a flight from California to Chennai to meet our suppliers. Soon we were discussing ideas over Chicory coffee, and feasting on spicy rice and curry, packed in fresh banana leaves.

Designs that do and do it all

do and do it all 1
do and do it all 2
do and do it all 3

Excellence for us begins at design. We employ design thinking in every aspect of our work. We strive to achieve form, function and fabulous. From the packed subway to the transatlantic flight, from the boardroom to the neighborhood wine bar, a Vertara bag fits every occasion, effortlessly. Vertara is a brand that is defined by your life, your purpose, and you.

Exclusively Handcrafted

Every Vertara Bag is handcrafted using 100% top grain premium leather. Our sourcing team is proud, picky and as some may say “pretty darn painful”! Every skin, every leather, every fitting is put to the test: every time. The result is an exclusive bag with transparent pricing where you pay true value for outstanding design and impeccable quality. With Vertara, you own, quite literally, a one-of-a kind fantastic bag.

Touching Lives

You start making a change the moment you buy a Veratara product because it adds to the lives of women who get a fair wage in a happy workplace. We have a long road ahead and we invite you to partner with us. We donate 10% of our profits back to the women communities we serve.

Vertara is the brainchild of two petite and powerful women: sisters by birth, rebels by choice, neighbors by chance, and business partners by destiny.

The Powerhouse: Namrita

Big on purpose, and short on time, Namrita values fuss-free but fantastic fashion! As a women leader in global companies, Namrita struggled to find accessories, especially handbags, that worked for her packed life, and celebrated stunning style. Why can’ t there be a hybrid handbag that can be a carry-on carry all at the airport, power statement in the board room, and chic for the club? Namrita found her answer in Vertara! Today every Vertara design lives the promise “Pick your Style, Carry your Purpose”!

Namrita’s design and company vision is inspired by global experiences rooted in the fundamental issues of empowerment and sustainability. Growing up in India and then working around the world, Namrita observed that women often worked twice as hard as men, for little compensation and even less credit. While consulting in Bhutan, she saw that the happiest people on the planet live in the only carbon positive country in the world. Working in the Bay Area, she realized that design and innovation is the mainstay for quality. Vertara thus stands for disruptive sustainable luxury that empowers both creators and customers as opposed fast changing and wasteful fashion.

Namrita is a BA-MBA-MPP holder from the Delhi University and the University of Pennsylvania. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her favorite Vertara bag is the organized, versatile, and stand-out Urban triad: just what a CEO needs. Her customized Triad is what she terms as the avant-garde neutrals: Carry-All in Ostrich Embossed Pecan, Triad Clutch in Textured Light Gold and Triad Laptop in a Soft Vitello Tarnished Copper.


We infuse every Vertara handbag with choices that have real world social impact, from our socially accountable supply chain to our commitment to ensure power voice and choice for women.

The Sparkplug: Sweta

Sweta is the feisty and free-spirited co-founder for Vertara. She believes that it's a small world, there is one humanity, and everyone is a stunning self.

As a law student and practitioner in India and the United States, Sweta observed first- hand that the law scales are frequently tilted against those who have less power and privilege: women, minority groups and communities of color. As a student, she counselled those who had limited recourse to a legal hearing in the overworked courts. Over the years, she moved to the Bay Area and found an immigration Law Firm grounded in the belief that a diverse America with opportunity for all ensures a better America with success for all.

Sweta is a springboard and sounding board for Vertara. She co-drives critical decisions, invests in all Vertara women, and champions our mission of power- voice-choice inside and outside of the company.

Sweta holds a BCom-JD-LLM from Delhi University and the University of California, Los Angeles.

Her favorite Vertara bag is Asteria Pret in Hot Chilli Red: artistic, eye-catching, effortless. She does not have one customized Asteria–she swaps her Asteria Phone Pockets, Asteria Métallique, and Asteria Guitar Sling for a unique look and effortless versatility.


Vertara is disruptive luxury brand that merges art, heart and science to minimize waste, maximize functionality and invest in women.

That is our not so obvious story. We are neither fashion models nor fashion addicts. We are two sister on a mission to transform fashion to realize a double dividend for our womankind stakeholders – fabulous for our customers, fair to our artisans, and sustainable for our communities.

You are Invited

If our message of Power, Voice and Choice resonates with you, we urge you to participate. If you make a contribution of $50 and more to organisations that empower women and give them a voice, we will send you a discount code. And we would love to feature you as an authentic and brilliant Vertara Star in our Tara Times section.

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