Vertara is Born: Embrace your True Star!

Welcome to Vertara: the combination of “Ver” or the Latin root for “true” and “Tara” or the Vedic Astral Goddess of infinite strength and tenacity.

“Vertara” is the mark of true star – just like you! Original. Stellar. Powerful.

We are committed to progressive sustainable accessories that create power, voice, choice for women.

We observed that a handbag that fuses fair, function and fabulous does not exist. Vertara has launched premium top grain 100% leather handbags that can be customized by you!  

Vertara is a vision for authentic design, impeccable quality, and exceptional artisanship.

At Vertara we believe:

Authentic is Brilliant

Our designs are original, and our inspiration is the brilliant women who challenge the traditional.

Be Phenomenal. Be You.

Brilliance is about individuality and so are Vertara bags.

Each bag can be customized so you can stand out and be you.

Carry your Purpose, Carry your Superpower

Less stuff and more purpose as you carry your day and your lives at work or at play.

Do More. Do it All

We embed design thinking in everything we do to make our products astonishingly versatile.

Empowered Women Empowering Women

Our accessories are designed for women who are short on time, big on purpose, and in love with fabulous!

All our creations are handcrafted by women who get a fair wage in a happy workplace.

We donate 10% of our profits to charities that support women.

That’s our ABC and D&E!

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