Urban Triad: The Perfect Handbag for the Empowered Women

There’s Power in Unity.

Three is a powerful number. Think Three Musketeers, Goldilocks’ Three Bears, or Charlie’s Angels! There is something magical about the number three. Especially when they act in unison.

Welcome to the Urban Triad: 3-Handbags-in-1. We consider Urban Triad to be the Unicorn of Handbags: CarryAll by day and Clutch by night!

Urban Triad : Triad Carry-All in Embossed Croc Charcoal , Triad Laptop Case in Pebbled Vanilla and and Triad Clutch in Embossed Croc Fuchsia

Urban Triad is inspired by empowered women who stands up and stands tall for their beliefs.

Why Stop at One When You can have all Three?

Urban Triad packs the three Fs – form, function and fabulous – in one powerful statement. You could choose to carry one, or two or all: it’s a winning combination every time.

Triad Carry-All is a dependable classic large shoulder bag that can literally carry your world for you! The organized and spacious interiors with perfectly designed pockets make space for your bare essentials like mask, sanitizer, keys, and headphones; your portfolio, and even spare shoes, all the way to your quirky belongings: the details of which we will not ask. All this can effortlessly be arranged in this unique vertical bag, which will also fit a large device.

However, with the Urban Triad, your sleek device has a separate earmarked spot in the padded Triad Laptop Case: a device bag that makes a statement in the boardroom or the coffee shop.

Little but not last, is the Triad Clutch. It is the perfect accessory for evening essentials (for girls night out or date night).

Both the Triad Clutch and The Triad Laptop Case can be attached or removed to the Triad Carry-All with the help of stylish side bands. So you can choose to carry one or two or three bags – yet always carry one bag !

Ally Case’s favorite Bag.

Ally Case chose to check-in her Urban Triad for a vacation to Cancun.

Watch her style her outfits in our favorite summer colors for the Urban Triad !

Urban Triad: Customize your set

Did you know that you we offer hundreds of combinations for the Urban Triad? Simply choose your color and texture for the Triad Carry-All, Triad Laptop Case and Triad Clutch, and you can have your own exclusive Urban Triad.

Select colors for the Urban Triad: from Embossed Ostrich Pecan to Shimmering Light Gold.

We’d like to end humbly by saying that if there were an award for ‘Best Bag’, Urban Triad would bag all three positions.

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